Friday, September 30, 2011

Politics and business in India

On a fine september day, the anti corruption crusader Anna Hazare asked all "clean"
politicians to quit their respective parties, join hands and form a new party. He feels that this is the best way forward for India to have sustainable growth.

However, in my opinion, there are a few basic flaws in his statement. The bastc fact is that finding candidate for every constituency could prove difficult. That aside, a party should have a set of principles, mission and vision for the future of itself and for the country. In the developed countries, political parties have different ideologies and principles. Some of them are pro-business while others appreciate larger government. These principles should attract people and politicians to join a particular party.

So, Mr. Hazare's statement confirms that the party ideology has nothing to do with the development of the country. It inturn means that the role of government in the India Inc. success story in the past decade was minimal. The growth was mainly driven by private entrepreneurs, whose spirit and hunger has driven the country to greater success.

Without these bunch of jokers, the corporates could have taken the country to greater glory. Htwever, the corporates had to forge a nexus with the ruling government for a share in production. This was confirmed through various scandals including the 2G spectrum scandlal that has emerged in that last yeat. The Jan Lokpal bill addresses all the corrupt practices by the government. It has been alledged that the corporates are orchestrating and funding the agitation for Jan Lokpal bill. Is this not a conflict of intrest from the corporate's point of view? If the allegation is true, why would the corporates do this when they have a partnership with the ruling politicians? Why is the UPA government not insisting Anna to include corporates in his version of the bill?

The main role of an ideal government is to regulate the corporates. Very little corporate corruption have not involved any government role. From 2G scam to the mining scam, corporates have partnership with the government. Now the corporates want a check on their partners in the government. Why?

Why does multiple political parties, especially in states like Tamil Nadu,compete in a election when most of the parties have no differences in ideologies? But, they all do have same vision, mission, values and principles. LOOTING!

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